May 27

A Slice of Pizza


A slice of pizza brought back childhood memories for me.

I was a new student in a new school in first grade. The school campus was so big for a small kid like me.

But there it was: a small pizza stand beside the school canteen. They are selling pizzas just like what you see in the photo.

Yes, it’s not a heaven’s delight pizza. But to a small kid, it’s a pizza.

I have always wanted to buy pizza but I couldn’t.You see, when I started school, I always had packed snacks or lunch. As a child, I was only given Php 5.00, never enough of a pizza slice. I always thought that I didn’t have enough because I can never buy the pizza at school.

Later on in life, I realized that I had everything I needed.I may not be able to buy what I want, but my packed snacks were always more than enough.

In fact:

💸 In grade school, I got heavy piggy banks turned over to the real banks.

💸 In high school, on a bigger allowance, I was able to buy as many as 10 new cassette tapes (Google it, you turn-of-a-century Millennials and Gen Z’s) at a time because I was able to save a lot of money from my packed food.

💸 In college (yes people), I was able to buy school supplies because I still brought food. It was a hassle to bring big bags but heck, I have a lot more money than my classmates.

It took me a long time to have an A-ha moment about my relationship with money because I was always looking at what I didn’t have.

So when we bought a pizza box from our next-door neighbor, I sat down and grabbed a bite.

And I smiled at life.


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