August 20

A Splash of Point of Views


I watched Shark Tank’s Season 9 Episode 1. Hindi ako naka-subscribe sa cable TV, let alone Netflix, kaya napanood ko ang episode sa Daily Motion.

Guest Shark si Sir Richard Branson, CEO ng Virgin. Wow of all wows.

Pumasok sa look ng room ang may-ari ng isang meditation app. Nanghihingi s’ya ng $650,000.00 for 10% of stake ng kumpanya n’ya.

In fairness sa may-ari ng meditation app, malaki na ang kita ng kumpanya n’ya. Madami nang gumagamit ng app whether paid or free. Madami na din s’yang meditation speakers.

Eto na ang story.

Mark Cuban said something like this: “So why are you here for? Your company does not need our money. You coming here meant someone lost his or her chance to pitch here.”

Sumabat si Richard Branson to something like, “I think that’s unfair. Everyone who comes in this room has fair chances. You guys have been here longer. You have the right to give an offer or not.”

To that, Cuban said, “No. I think she is just here for commercial. You are a gold digger!” Sabi n’ya sa may-ari ang meditation app.

And so, Sir Branson said, “Ok, this is rubbish. I am going to throw water to you now.”

Nagsasalita pa si Mark Cuban to prove his point, when…


The camera focused on a wet Mark Cuban, while Sir Richard Branson placed his glass of water (now empty) back on the small desk in front of him.

Akala ko talaga sasapakin ni Mark si Sir Richard. Pero…


Ayun, tinapunan n’ya din ng tubig si Mark Cuban.

Read the full story of the splash, err, clash of point of views.


I have my points of view. You have your points of view.

Your family, friends, clients, co-workers – they all have their own points of view.

It is in your control which point of view you will get to listen, study, ponder and to apply. 


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