July 17

A Warning on Clients Asking for Skill Samples


I got a message via Messenger and it went like this:

I have a steady stream of interviews for freelance work. I want to ask: There are clients that are only getting ideas from me previously. Then they would not hire me. How do I deal with that?

This is tricky. I have had experience when potential clients, too, asked for skill sample. Then they never got back to me. That goes my sample, too.

Here’s the truth: Sometimes, potential clients ask for skill samples because of TRUST issues. They wouldn’t know it, but you could be getting someone else’s work somewhere on the Internet.

I know you wouldn’t do that. That’s why it’s really great for you to have a portfolio, like a website, so you could direct your clients there.

The first tip I share with you is to check the credibility of the potential client. Do your research.

The second is a hack.

Example, if the potential clients asks for a strategy, give the strategy.

It goes like this:

Client, you should have blogs on your website. Here’s how I would do it for you.

Step 1 – give this

Step 2 – give this

I actually have a total of 5 steps. I gave you the first two. The next three steps, I will do for your business once we agree on working together. How is that for you?

Got something to add on this? Share it in the comments.


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