January 12

Are You Having Trouble Figuring Out Your 2021 Goals?


Having trouble figuring out your 2021 goals? Or worse, you’re leaving it up to chances again?

Then this is the help you have been looking for. Here’s why.

I brought my father to the doctor last week. If you aren’t aware yet, he met an accident last month.

Since he is a senior citizen, I got him a number from the senior/PWD/pregnant lane. The hospital labels them as “Priority.” His number was 53.

While waiting for his turn, I thought, “How ironic to say that he is a priority, just 53rd.”

Just like in getting your goals achieved, right?

Every year, you list down all the goals that you want to achieve. That’s good. But what’s the most important goal among the other important goals?

Last year, I had a room full of goal getters in the 2020 Planning Workshop. After what seemed to be a “what-was-that” year, one of them received their financial goal, another got an accountability partner to push her to exercise, two raked in a total of P100,000 in a boot camp they created, and another resigned from work to become a full-time virtual professional.

I recommend planning your year. I highly recommend planning your year with people who are in the same boat with you: absolutely no-turning back goal getters.

If this is you, then read further.

I am putting the Kickstart Your Purpose Planning Workshop online this year (my first virtual workshop for 2021!)

January 23 at 4:00 PM

January 30 at 4:00 PM

Here’s what we’re doing:


You’re going to look back at 2020. For one hour, I will help you look back at all areas of your life by asking your the right questions.

Also, for another hour, you’d also get to ask me questions on strategies on how you can improve your habits. Actually, you only need one thing. I will share that one thing with you in Day One.

Then, you will be given a week-long activity that you will need to get to Day Two.


You’re going forward to 2021. For one hour, you will take a look at the goals that you are looking forward to achieving this year.  You will have an opportunity to figure out if all your goals are aligned with your long-term goals.

You will also get an opportunity to ask for an accountability partner. Why? Because you will need someone to push you when you seem to be immovable.

You will also get to see my 2021 Goals Crusher Program. It’s my first time to release this program. I tell you, it is not for the faint-hearted. If you are not someone who’s willing to bet on yourself, you’re not qualified.


Complete the Kickstart Your Purpose Planning Workshop and you will have access to the Bonus Day, where you will share with your co-attendees your 2021 goals in visual form. The Bonus Day takes place on February 6, 2021, at 4:00 PM.


You’re invited to the 2021 Planning Workshop for two weeks. It’s two days long, 2 hours per day.

In a few days from now, you will get:

— A complete summary of your 2020

— Strategies on how to improve habits, whether at work or personal

— Write down your 2021 goals and identify the one thing that would crush your year

— An accountability partner

— A chance to unlock your Bonus Day on February 6, 2021

— You will also get a sneak peek of my 2021 Goals Crusher Program


I’m only accepting 100 15 people in the workshop because I need to make sure every attendee gets their questions answered in the open Q&A session.

The Kickstart Your Purpose Planning Workshop Online for 2021 is for you if:

— You got goals (lots of them) and you do not know how to prioritize them

— You know it’s valuable

— You have a difficult time measuring your goals

— You want a clear action plan


I want you to have an amazing 2021, no matter where you are. You can attend the workshop for only P1,997.00. If you have previously bought my books (Small is BIG or Skipping Stones), you only pay P1,097.00.

This is a great opportunity for you to get your goals going no matter what and joining a group of goal getters like you.

This is an online event, so seats spots will go quite fast — sign up sooner than later especially if you want to join the Bonus Day. (UPDATE: I am including a FREE Mid-Year Planning Session for you.)

Feel free to reply to any questions you may have. Click on the image below to get your seat:

Kickstart Your Purpose Planning Workshop

See you in a few days. 

Ann Kristine

P.S. Yes, recordings will be made available to those who buy a seat.


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