July 28

Is it too much to ASK?


Is it too much to ASK?

I posted an announcement in a private group, telling everyone that I could meet at least 10 people and just talk about anything under the sun (My reason: I need to fill up my 20,000-word per day. I am a woman.)

Some of them said my venue is too far. So I told them that it’s not a problem. They could actually do a shout out and create a small meet up on their area.

One of them said, “Ok. But not in your level.”

Wait, what level?

Is asking now – and getting responses – needed some kind of level?

As far as I know, we have been thought to ask since kindergarten. (Well, hopefully, the right questions and in the right disposition.)

We ask for help when we couldn’t carry three ice creams on our hands at the same time.

We ask for help when we think Math changed its formula. (Every. Single. Time.)

We ask if it’s okay to borrow your dad’s car.

We ask if it’s ok to be not okay.

If you think asking someone (or something) is a big deal, then it’s your reality.

You lose your chances of getting an answer, a help, or getting a sigh of relief.


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