November 23




That is my one word for this year’s Feast Conference 2020: In The Beginning.

Yes, it’s really more of connecting with God. But connecting with God flows through the people that you meet.

It’s the first Feast Conference, and it’s also the first conference I attended online. I felt the same conference connection from the speakers, volunteers, worship, and learnings.

It was humbling to serve as a volunteer engager with some of the Feast Bay Area’s amazing men and women. It was my first time to volunteer in the conference (previously called Kerygma Conference). We had meetings prior to the conference. It was fun working with the Feast Bay Area servants.

I was excited to know more people who aspire to become podcasters. Thanks to the community feature of the event app that we used, I got to know other people with the same interests, as well as connecting with new people.

That is why I really do not believe in the term self-made.

This pandemic may have prevented us to be with people physically. Yet we are connected to our Source.


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