December 24

How to Master Your Launch


I realized that even before I attended the 2018 Wealth Summit for the first time, I already launched.

You may consider Wealth Summit as one of my favorite series since I started my journey to wealth. And why not?

In 2015, I volunteered for Jomar’s booth at the Wealth Summit.
In 2016, I attended Day 3 of the Wealth Summit.
In 2017, I was one of the people who shared my virtual career journey.
In 2018, I sat with the best people, excited to launch – their career, their business, their wealth.

But that’s not what I am talking about this time.

These are the quotes that inspired the Wealth Summit 2018 participants to launch.

If you know me, you may already know this story.

In 2008, my parents got hospitalized. My mother was scheduled to have her uterus removed in February, while my father slowly slipped into almost a coma by July due to not sleeping well because of his GERD attacks.

In those two occasions, I asked myself, “How come I have a decent, high-stressed job with pay yet my parents are in a charity ward?”

In that year, I was introduced to Bro. Bo Sanchez’s 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. With that book, I found the answer to my question.

And in the next few years, I tried to defy that question by asking better questions.

That led me to:

  1. Knowing about mutual funds.
  2. Becoming more aware of insurances; that it’s a thing you prepare for but wish not to use it.
  3. Becoming braver by dipping my feet into stock market investing.
  4. Throwing the “job security” of an 8-to-5 job and becoming a full-time virtual professional.
  5. Learning about marketing because life is about this.

As I sat on the first day of Wealth Summit 2018, I realized that it’s been ten years since my launch! It’s been one exceptional ride of ups and downs but with courage and faith.

Here are some of the friends that I hung out during the Wealth Summit 2018: Launch.

At the end of the summit’s day 1, Bro. Bo talked about how scary and exciting the future would be. A lot of things will take place in the next few years and decades in technology, science, health, and in the way we live our lives.

How should be respond to this? He mentioned two things. I call it How to Master Your Launch:

First, MASTER LEARNING LIKE CRAZY. Make learning a part of your business. Never stop improving.

Second, MASTER RELATIONSHIPS. No amount of technology could surpass real and genuine relationships, whether it be with clients, business partners, team members, or employees.

And as someone who’s been on this journey for a decade, I’d like to add:

Third, MASTER PRAYER. In every thing that you do, be aware that God is the owner of the business. Pray unceasingly as you grow your business. You will never go wrong.

Too bad there’s no Wealth Summit 2019 and 2020. Nevertheless, I know that there is a bigger and better Wealth Summit. I have a good amount of time to go beyond the edge.

May you never fear your life’s series of launch.

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