May 29

I Know My Truth


I wanted it to be true.

During my podcast’s idea phase, I thought about including a prayer at the end of every Pin To Top podcast episodes. My point was every business is a blessing – both to its owner and its customers. 🤲

Then something happened.

When I researched other podcasts related to business, digital marketing, and social media, they don’t include such “thing” on their show. It’s not that those shows and their hosts don’t show their faith; it’s just that it’s not a part of their show, period.

I started to re-think of my prayer-at-the-end idea. Should I throw the idea in the trash? Or should I continue with it?

I thought of my audience who would listen to the episode. Would entrepreneurs and experts feel uncomfortable with the idea of a prayer after every episode? Would they skip the part?

Unfortunately, the heavens didn’t open to tell me what to do. I would have wanted someone or something to reveal to me what to do.

But I know my truth.

✅ I know that how I deal with other people show my faith in action (or the lack of it).

✅ I pray for my clients because they are damn good at what they do (and because of that, they hire me, and they love me – I hope).

✅ I don’t take on clients, whose work could be unaligned with what I believe in (if you’re into tarot cards and horoscopes, sorry. It’s not personal).

So I owned it. Since the pilot episode, the Entrepreneur’s Prayer is on every end of the Pin To Top episode.

I know talking about faith is something polarizing and unpopular in some ways. So I thought, “Maybe no one’s going to talk about that.”

Until a listener commented about it and said, “I love the prayer at the end.”

Those who haven’t sinned throw stones at me.


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