September 18

Know Your Worth


Here’s a lesson on “know-your-worth” for you, as you are threading the virtual careers path.


I had an UpWork offer.

The online gig: Re-write blogs with corresponding images for a potential client’s furniture business.

The rate: USD$ 1.00 per hour.

I, for the love of Tom Hiddleston, wanted to click ACCEPT.

During that time, I wanted to have an online client desperately. I have been pitching for months and I still don’t have a client.

The potential client told me that among the potential hires, I got her instructions right and it was the output that she had been looking for.

But for US$1.00 per hour?

Sadly, I turned down the offer. I knew I was worth more than a dollar.

Click here to read the story on how I stuck with my rate – no matter how hard it was. (The blog site’s not active anymore, i.e., I don’t publish posts there.)

Today, someone from LinkedIn popped a message saying that he wanted to talk to me for potential work. The person reached out to me last week. I gave him a link to my booking schedule.

But, this time, he wanted us to talk NOW.

Instead, I gave the booking call link (again). He somehow couldn’t understand the booking call works, as he wanted to break my process and talk to me right away.

He even told me, “Are you that difficult to set a meeting with?”
I told the person, “Just like you, I can not just come into meetings just because people want me to.”

He still wanted a meeting now, but since he won’t do my process, he said, “Thanks, anyway.”

To which, I simply replied, “OK, no problem.” I knew I was worth more than justifying things.

What a difference eight years make.

The common thing here?

I may not be worthy of a Mjolnir, but I know my worth.

Just in case no has told you, you are worthy. You are enough.


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