September 29

Lessons from Papa’s Leche Flan


Here are the lessons that I learned from Papa while he tried cooking leche flan:

1. He hasn’t cooked leche flan in a long time. But he just tried. He believed on his guts and trusted that somehow, he still knows how to cook it.

Don’t self-reject yourself. Try what is possible. Failure will always be part of life. It’s up to you how you’ll face failures.

2. After the results came out, he consulted a recipe book on how to cook leche flan. He found the things he forgot to do, but the result is food that is still edible.

I’ve done that in my life, too. There were times I just took courage in doing something, like launching my book and a podcast. Then when I was done, that was the time I studied things formally. The most important thing for me was to ACT.

But this is a food blog post, so I’m eating the rest of the leche flans.

Good job, Papa.


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