June 8

Lots to Learn


I gave up.

I searched for my financial literacy notes but in vain.

The worst thing was realized and I faced the harsh truth: I threw some of my notes away.

Add to that, I sold some of my personal finance management books, too.

A client signed on my proposed project to teach the company’s team for financial literacy sessions. The client wanted the team to have a more secure future. It was something he didn’t need to do, but he did it, anyway.

I tried looking for my own notes because I know I would be able to share some lessons I learned along my own financial journey.

I remember attending every seminar I could take, Google and social media searching on every speaker that went up the stage, and buying the books I could get my hands on, just to learn how I can manage my money better.

It was more than a decade’s journey that eventually led me to working as a Facebook Marketing Strategist.

Looking back, I know I still have a lot to learn from this journey.

The truth is: you never stop learning in everything.

Yes, I threw away some notes and sold some books.

Nevertheless, it means clearing up the space for more learning.

And getting the chance to share what I learned to others? Mind-blowing.


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