January 9

Mariah and Adele, Deliberately


In the recent months, two of the best-selling artists in music industry experienced performance boo boos. I am taking about singer-songwriters Mariah Carey and Adele.

Both did not come from the same background: Mariah grew up and worked her way to the American music scene, while Adele created her own path in United Kingdom and Europe. What they have in common is their love for music.

Early last year, Adele experienced mic problems when she performed in an awards show. In her interview with Ellen weeks after the incident, she said that she cried for a day because of what happened.

At the New Year’s Eve party in the New York Times Square recently, Mariah Carey could not hear the music due to technical problems, making it impossible to sing her own song. It sparked memes and comments, as she is known as a “diva” in her circle.

Let me talk about Mariah and Adele, deliberately.

Disclaimer: I did not write this because I am a fan of both artists. I wrote this for a business owner’s perspective.

As a business service provider for my clients, I do my best in my work so that they could be rest assured that I got things in order. Imagine what it’s going to be like if I miss a detail or two. Not only will their brand or company suffer; it would also say a lot about my work ethic. And would you even think they would consider recommending me to their colleagues? If I do bad work, I don’t think so.

It is the same with Mariah and Adele, and mostly all musicians trying to make good music.

They know their business well. That is why no matter how successful they are, they arrive in the venue early. They do sound check, they rehearse, they check their wardrobe, etc.

That is why when something happens – a mic problem or a sound problem (or even a sudden voice problem!) – they do take it seriously. They improvise immediately to make sure that their performance won’t be in vain. They cry out their frustrations backstage later.

They do mind unforeseen things because they take care of their business. Period.

How deliberate are you in your business?

Special shout out to Mitch Miller for giving me an idea about this through his Mariah post. I recommend you follow his copywriting and business hacks on his Facebook.



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