June 1

My Worst Boss Story


Everybody has their worst boss story. Here’s mine.

I used to work directly with a COO with a bad temper. He would just burst into a cursing episode with just one trigger.

At one time, he arrived from the airport and immediately called the office. I know it didn’t take me too long to get to the receiver. But when I did, he just gave me his “welcoming curses.” No excuses, he just blurted it out of his mouth.

During that time, everybody’s just scared if the COO’s angry. Pero after niya akong masigawan, wala na akong care. May instance pang napagalitan pa ako pero nag-sorry na lang ako. Sabi pa nga, “Sorry! Puro sorry!”

But you know what? Since then, I never got scared anymore. In my mind I was like, “Ok, now you did to me what you’re just doing to everyone else and without any reason at all. It’s not about me; it’s about you.” So I decided to be just good at my work.

I get that it’s his business. Pero shouting to subordinates is non-negotiable to me from that point on. I promised myself that if someone does that to me again, I’ll turn myself into a She-Hulk just like how I do it when I was a young.

I was promoted a few months after, so I didn’t work with him directly. My worst boss was sorry I left after more than a year, telling the management I was one of the best.

You can’t choose workmates. But you can always choose your attitude – and your next best decision.


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