November 23

Show Up and Do Your Thing


I am just a newly-crowned (pun intended) The Crown viewer. I am starting slowly with Season 1. But my viewing experience is not the story here.

How interesting that Emma Corrin got the Diana Spencer part on The Crown by showing up on what seemed to be an ordinary day, right? All she knew was that she would just be reading a part to help an actor.

What you’ll read is not a story of royalty. Nevertheless, I hope it would teach you to be like Emma – to show up and do your thing.

As a volunteer Engager for the recently-concluded Feast Conference, it was necessary to know the app that we’ll use for the online event. My co-volunteers and I started learning the app that we were using (Whova) as early as November 13, 2020.

I checked the features and soon, I joined different communities inside the event app. It became one of my go-to apps one week before the conference because the participants started to use the app. I talked to people, shared insights and articles, and talked more.

On the first day of the conference, a person reached out to me with the question, “Would you please guest on my podcast? Let’s talk about Facebook Marketing.”

The conference isn’t in midway, yet there I was, getting an opportunity to reach more people.

I used to say “just show up.” With this experience, I learned that showing up + doing the thing you are good at is a better combination.

You’ll find out the podcast guesting details soon. In the meantime, on to the next royal episode.


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