Would you like get a guide to the virtual career "forest"?

Get this book to learn how you can pick the right skipping stones for your virtual professional journey.

"What's SKIPPING STONES?" you may ask. Is that a different kind of stone?

Not really. According to Wikipedia, stone skipping is the "art of throwing a flat stone across water in such a way that it bounces off the surface, preferably many times.”

In Brothers Grimm’s tale of Hansel and Gretel, the skipping stones on the road helped them return to their home when their mother attempted to leave them on the forest.
In her journey as a virtual professional, Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo felt the same Hansel and Gretel's experience: lost in the woods.
Thank God she found skipping stones along the way.

With SKIPPING STONES, you are allowed to pick one stone - one story a week. Each story is meant to teach you lessons, make you think of other perspectives, and most of all, make you act. (Ann's really hoping for the last one for you.)

May this book make you be cautious if you meet a witch, help you find your way back home, and get you to create your own path.

Go pack your bags and take this book with you.

Foreword by Jomar Hilario,

Philippines' Online Marketing Guru and Author of Virtual Careers

Pick the skipping stones that would allow you to:

Face the dark in its face

Embrace your exceptionalism

(if there's such a word)

Spot marketing lessons on the road

Gain confidence

Find time to learn anywhere

Follow your foots

Do it afraid every time

About the Author: Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo

Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo, published author, speaker, and podcast host, is a Facebook Marketing Strategist who has managed and grew Facebook Pages of top brands in shopping malls, lingerie, and dairy, as well as authors and experts in business, food, health, and education.

She is also the podcast host of "Pin To Top", and one of Manila Workshop’s resident facilitators. She’s been featured in Jomar Hilario’s online show and book Virtual Careers, Wazzup Pilipinas, Astig.PH, Prime Influencers, Marketing in Asia, Thrive Global, and The Manila Times.

What People are Saying

Skipping Stones_Bryan Valdeavilla

Edreen Bryan Valdeavilla

LinkedIn Growth Hacking Strategist, Digital Marketing Strategist, Founder of Your LinkedIn Matters

“I got great insights about this book. It's really interesting to read for those who would like to pursue your entrepreneurship journey. You have to follow your intuition to grab the right opportunities that resonate with your goals. Keep investing in yourself and have an attitude to do whatever it takes in 2 to 3 years to where you want to be in the future.”

Skipping Stones_Myla Hernandez

Myla Buan-Hernandez

Accountant for Virtual Professionals and Freelancers at MBH Online Accounting and Business Solutions

“Ann is truly exceptional, amazing and a great inspiration for all aspiring work at home professionals. ‘Skipping Stones' book is rich in true-to-life stories that will guide you all the way to become successful on your virtual career journey.”

Argee Abadines

educator and content marketing specialist

“You could feel Ann's passion and courage in this wonderful book of short stories of her life and career. If you're considering becoming a freelancer or building a digital business, this book will point you to the right direction and persuade you to take action on your dreams!”

Iriene Invencion

Overseas filipino worker and instagram specialist

“This is a book of real quality, full of relatable experiences and wisdom of a successful virtual professional. After an hour of reading, it motivated me to take actions. I so love it. A MUST read book for all virtual professionals.”

Skipping Stones_Chi Suarez

Chi Suarez

founder of remote moms movement and author of "va blueprint"

“We only remember a fraction of the massive information we see and hear everyday. But what stays with us are the stories. And that's how we learn best. Packed with nuggets of wisdom in every story, ‘Skipping Stones’ will inspire you to dream. Then, it will encourage you to make that dream happen.”

Skipping Stones_Sheree Baylon-Brizo

Sheree Baylon-Brizo

Data team manager at fit small business

“'Skipping Stones’ has opened my door of happiness while I was reading it. Ann had made this book a very conversational one, you wouldn’t want to put it down until you're done with it. It talks a lot about getting started and why you should, either with your virtual career or your business. I love the portion where she talks about her father because it will make us all realize that there's always a choice for us to have a career and enjoy family time. Plus, I love the lessons behind their conversations and how insightful Ann's dad is. I am very ecstatic for this book to be on the market very soon!”

Skipping Stones_Lala Peñafiel

Lala Peñafiel

homeschooling mom, wellness advocate, and social media manager

“The first 3 stories of the book already caught my attention. I am a tenured remote worker and looking back I remember the days that I started and the challenges that I have overcome and the successes that I made. I highly recommend this book not only to people who are considering to be an online professional (newbie), but to those who are already tenured because the insights stated in the book makes you want to grow and be more. If you want inspiration, if you want golden nuggets of wisdom, if you want to know how to grow your online career, read this and be mesmerized with the simple, practical yet deep and profound stories that Ann experienced.”

Skipping Stones_Jean Ducusin

Jean Ducusin

digital marketing strategist for realtors and homeschooler

“'Skipping Stones', Ann’s second book, is filled with witty, amusing and relatable anecdotes sprinkled with so much value! Ann inspires as she shares the ups and downs of her virtual career journey. She even lets her readers in with some of her secrets! If you want that much needed ‘push’ in your freelance career, this book is a steal!”

Get your copy of Skipping Stones: 52 ANNecdotes to Guide You in the Virtual Career "Forest"

for only Php 500.00.

“Skipping Stones by Ann is a sure fire read. Elegantly written with her own unique wit and wisdom, this book will give you a step-by-step solid foundation and blue print for personal lives, businesses and today’s careers. You will keep referring to it.”

Juliet "Jhet" van Ruyven

Best selling author of "the tale of juliet", dream builder coach, and international speaker

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