November 23

Talk About Intensity: Breaking Barriers Talk 2


After the invitation from the Department of Labor and Employment – Institute for Labor Studies, I had the privilege of giving a webinar to DOLE Regional Office No. 10.

The topic is still on Breaking Barriers: Skills and Tips to Navigate the Digitized Workplace. Nevertheless, I shared more information about virtual careers.

TAKE NOTE: Allow me to correct the information that I mentioned in the Q and A portion of the webinar.

On the question, “How much is the average salary of a virtual assistant?”, the figure that I mentioned, Php 10,000.00 a month, is a possible STARTING SALARY. 

An average salary of a virtual professional depends on the skillset, level of proficiency, and confidence. 

There are a lot of articles and blogs in connection to the question.

Unfortunately, they say many figures. Especially kapag Filipino, there are many factors:

1. Other people who have experienced paying Filipino virtual professionals low rates tend to tell other people.

2. Other people think that a Filipino virtual professional’s cost of living is low, so it’s okay to pay low.

3. Us, Filipinos, don’t have the confidence to ask for the rate that we deserve. This part really entails a change of mindset.

Click here to watch the webinar via Facebook Live.


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