September 26

Tell the Truth


King George VI: [to Churchill] Go to the people, tell them the truth.

I just watched Darkest Hour. After the scene where the King talked to Sir Winston Churchill, he decided to try a different route going to the Parliament: ride a train to Westminster. He hasn’t done this in his life until then.

On the scene, Churchill, on his train ride, met and talked to people. He asked them their names, how’s life, and asked them what should they do when the war comes in front of their face.

I am not sure if that really happened or if it’s part of the movie’s cinematic approach. Historians say Churchill used to go AWOL, disappear and pop up somewhere to talk to people.

But if Churchill could do that – talk to people, remember their names, understand what’s keeping them up at night, feel what they want to happen after all has passed – why couldn’t you do that for your business?

Why do you keep telling yourself, “We can target anyone with this product!”?

Your product/brand/service can’t be anything for anyone. Talk to the people that really, really need a solution for their problem.

The train conversations sealed the deal: he got the Parliament to agree to go to war. Great Britain fought the Germans, eventually winning after 5 years.

What would seal the deal for your product/brand/service?



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