June 27

The Truth About Helping Others


There was a time when I got frustrated with people.

They asked for my help and then they won’t do it.

It pissed me off. Why bother asking for my help when you won’t do it anyway?

It came to a point that as an advice, I “filtered” the people that I wanted to help.


My helping mode stopped. I was going against the tide.

It made me doubt what I am capable of doing. How pathetic of me to think of that when I stopped helping others!

And so, with a few friends in tow, I started opening myself to helping other people again.

It took a while because I was not used to doing it anymore. But when I got the hang of it, I realized I was no longer going against the tide.

Then, this Francis Kong post gave me a whack in the back.

Francis Kong’s LinkedIn post on helping other people.

It’s true: it’s still frustrating to help people who do not help themselves. Yet not helping others takes away something from me that is already there.

I guested in a webinar where the hosts while crying, told their audience how grateful they were for the help that I gave them.

Good God, I make people cry now. It’s not what I envisioned the impact of my help would be, but they were ugly crying, so I guess that’s fine. 

These last few nights, my thoughts to sleep was this:

God, please allow me to help more people. I know that along the way, others won’t listen to me or worse, they would pin me down. 

But just help me focus on serving.

For the rest, rain thunderbolt and lightning.


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