September 18

This is the Story of How I Helped Someone


This is the story of how I helped someone. You might find this weird, so bear with me, please.

I did something that is out of my comfort zone.

I helped someone.

Let me explain.

I am paid for what I do as a social media marketing strategist. I appreciate clients who value the good that I provide them.

But not everything in this world has to be done with two hands asking for money down.

That is not something I was used to.

So helping someone on their social media is leaving the comfort zone for me.

I totally gave no obligations. I just gave something for free.

Then I forgot about it (not the good feeling, though!) and I worked on pitching to new clients.

In a span of two weeks, I got into three client calls. One of them is now a client.

Imagine if I got to help more than one.

I plan to do help more in the coming days and weeks.

Indeed, if yesterday’s ways of doing things no longer work today, RECALIBRATE. (This is my 2020 word of the year.)


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