August 10

Three Things that could spell SUCCESS



That is how you could describe Danny and Debbie Ocean.

Sure, the brother-and-sister tandem knows how to steal multi-million dollar things and come up with logic-defying heists. But how come they still looked for a gang to make their stealing sprees happen?

1. The Oceans commit to their ONE THING.

At the end of the day, the Oceans’ heist was all about the money. Yet they commit to their one thing: steal expensive jewelry or a massive sum of money through a seamless and well-thought-of plan so they could leave their stealing life for good.

Sounds like a SMART plan.

2. The Oceans believe that a heist isn’t an overnight success without months of planning.

Planning is the start, but the execution is more laborious. Why? Because it’s not without months of planning.

Every nook and cranny was studied. Every behavior observed. Every schedule recorded. If you’re an impatient member of Ocean’s crew, you could jeopardize the whole thing.

Indeed, the plan is priceless.

3. The Oceans believe in their capacity to do things, yet they think others could do more.

Danny and Debbie Ocean’s strength: planning. Their respective gung-ho partners’ (Danny’s got Rusty Ryan while Debbie has Lou) powers: network.

They got art dealers, hackers, casino owners, mechanics, and surveillance experts to join their group. The result: seamless robberies.

Together, they chose the best people who could make their heist happen in a fast yet unassuming manner.

One explicit goal, careful planning and execution, and a squad. These three things made them a SUCCESS.

Come to think of it, it’s best to use these three things for the good of others.


These things could also spell success for you. I just hope for the better.

Are you in or out?



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