May 25

Well, Yes I Can!


Last year, may lumapit na organization, asking if I could run a digital marketing training sessions for them.

With the help of friends, I was able to create a curriculum na customized for the organization.

Then I created the facilitators team. May session din ako pero ako ang overall course director.

The project had a total of 10 sessions and it ran for five months.

I recently closed a deal with an agency owner with a team of Filipino VAs. I customized a financial literacy training for them. 🙂 It’s going to run for a month.

Na-realize ko: from the failure of the online event that happened to me last year, I got into this business of creating customized courses.

Thanks to Mary Anne Dela Cruz and Nina Mendoza, they reminded me that my online event wasn’t a failure.

In fact: One of the attendees is using the IG lessons for his current Biz. Another attendee got a client after watching the first session. He closed the deal for US$50 per hour.

Sometimes, we’re focused on what we want to happen. In reality, there are better things that are meant to happen to action takers.

Pwede pala. Kaya ko pala. Yes I can!


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