January 25

You are equipped


Have you ever felt like you do not have what it takes to become the person you want to become? Or you are still lacking?

Even the most powerful person on earth feels unequipped sometimes.

I watched the season one episode of The Crown, to which the Queen hired a tutor to teach her general education. As a future heir to the throne, she had special classes on governance and the constitution. Highly specialized lessons for a highly special role, right?

As the world faced nuclear threats, she felt unequipped to provide insights because she never learned much science in school. You will feel her insecurities as she talked to the Queen Mother, close to blaming the latter for her “lack of education.”

Then another concern broke out: two of the most important people in her government got sick without even informing her. That was when her tutor told her, “Governance is something that you know. They betrayed your full trust and the Government’s trust. A bit of scolding from their mother won’t hurt.”

Even the most powerful person on earth feels unequipped sometimes. If it happens to them, it happens to you and I, too.

Yet do know this: You are equipped. You are enough. You already have it. You just have to remind yourself every day that you are equipped

Just like what Jim Rohn said, “From testimonials to personal experience, we have enough information to conclude that it is possible to design and live an extraordinary life.”

KYP_You are equipped_Jim Rohn quote

YOU ARE EQUIPPED. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.


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